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Particularly, in the areas of Creditors’ Rights and Money Collection DEL VALLE RODRIGUEZ LAW OFFICES provides their clients with LEXI-LOGIC, a unique and proprietary collection system, and with LEXI-SITE, the internet solution and portal to LEXI-LOGIC.

Through LEXI-SITE clients gain access to LEXI-LOGIC and have the option to assign accounts, to maintain them updated with payments and changes to addresses, to verify the latest information and to know the judicial status of every account placed.

LEXI-SITE makes available several reports, whenever requested, through which clients are very well informed about different aspects in the handling of their accounts. These are the reports provided:

• LEXI-ADDRESS: a report of accounts with bad addresses with return specification provided by the US Postal Service.
• LEXI-OBJECTIONS: a report detailing the disputed accounts and the reason claimed by the debtor.
• LEXI-PAYMENT: a report of direct payments provided by the client.
• LEXI-RECEIPT: a report that details the new accounts placed and constitutes the acknowledgment of receipt by DEL VALLE RODRIGUEZ LAW OFFICES.
• LEXI-STATUS: a report on each account handled by DEL VALLE RODRIGUEZ LAW OFFICES which contains valuable and detailed information.
• LEXI-SUIT: a report detailing the accounts to be filed with the court.

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